PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — After suffering through the third-hottest summer in recorded history in 2022, much of the U.S. will see another warmer-than-average summer in 2023, the Farmers’ Almanac predicts.

In its annual summer forecast, the Farmers’ Almanac announced that it expects much of the west to see “sizzling, arid” summer conditions. However, Oregon, Washington and Western Idaho are forecast to average, dry summer weather.

“Hot and dry conditions are expected on the West Coast,” the Farmers’ Almanac said. “The heat will seem unrelenting for some areas, persisting from late June through early September. Temperatures will, at times, soar into the 90s, perhaps even topping 100 degrees Fahrenheit.”

The almanac also predicts “broiling, wet” or “warm to hot-soggy” weather in the Midwest, “sweltering” conditions with “tons of thunderstorms” in the South, “scorching dry” conditions in the Northeast and “Oppressive, showery, thundery” conditions in the Southeast.

In 2022, Portland saw a record level of late-spring rainfall, followed by record summer heatwaves. While spring 2023 starts next week, summer still remains 100 days away.

For the immediate forecast, an atmospheric river will continue to bring heavy rain to the Pacific Northwest through Monday. Chances of rain will remain possible into Wednesday.

On Thursday, Portland may see its first glimpse of spring weather with sunny, partly cloudy skies and a high of 58 degrees. Thursday’s sunshine will be short-lived as chances of rain return Friday.