PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Feet of fresh snow and partly sunny skies are expected to make for prime ski and snowboard conditions on Mount Hood New Year’s weekend.

Mt. Hood spokesperson Dave Tragethon told KOIN 6 that it’s a great time to hit the slopes.

“We have 62 inches [of snow] here in the base area and 10 feet at midmountain,” Tragethon said. “The weather is stabilizing. We’ll have more snow through today and into tomorrow and sunshine on Sunday.”

The National Weather Service reports that areas of Mount Hood have received between 12 and 24 inches of powder in the last three days. Less than an inch-and-a-half of new snow is expected between Friday and Saturday. Foggy mountain weather will be possible between Saturday evening and early Sunday morning. The fog is expected to clear by Sunday morning as partly sunny skies open up across the region.

Up to 24 inches of fresh snow (dark red) has fallen on Mount Hood in the last 72 hours. (NWS)

The holiday weekend and fresh snow are expected to attract large crowds to the mountain. Mt. Hood Meadows visitors looking to avoid the busy slopes can also partake in daily 3-mile snowshoe tours to Sahale or Umbrella Falls.

“Yesterday was our busiest day of the season,” Tragethon said. ‘We should match that today and finish the holiday strong.”

While road conditions are forecast to improve on Mount Hood this weekend, Timberline Lodge spokesperson John Burton is asking outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the mountain safely.

Mountain safety tips from Timberline Lodge:

  • Use chains and traction tires: When chains are required, use the next chain up area to put on your tire chains. Do not stop in the highway or the runaway truck ramp to put on chains. Chain up areas and highway shoulders are not for recreation.
  • Know before you go: Visit TripCheck.com or call 511 to check for road conditions and delays.
  • Drive for the conditions of the road: Adjust your speed to the road conditions. Allow for extra stopping time, there is less traction on snowy roads. Brake gently to avoid skidding.
  • Consider your travel time: Mountain passes see the highest number of vehicles during the winter break and on weekends. Be prepared for delays and BE PATIENT.
  • Don’t park your vehicle along the highway: abandoned or parked vehicles along the highway will be towed.