PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Morning fog will decrease visibility for some Tuesday morning as sunny skies take over during the afternoon. Warmer temperatures begin to build across the Portland area Tuesday as summer-like warmth returns by the end of the week.

Visibility could drop as low as 1-2 miles around sunrise Tuesday morning. Morning fog will continue to clear through the mid-morning hours and sunshine will eventually take over.

Those sunnier skies will help warm temperatures into the mid-60s. That’s still slightly below normal for the start of the month of October. Temperatures should be sitting in the low-70s this time of year.

Even warmer conditions will begin to build later in the week. Sunny skies and mild overnight lows will make it feel like a mild second summer.

Highs will warm into the low-80s by the week’s end. This latest stint of warmer and drier weather comes to a close by the start of next week. Temperatures will begin to fall to near-normal conditions by the start of next week.