PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — It took a little extra time, but we finally have reached what is going to be the last bit of our peak leaf peeping around here. The Portland metro area will have a nice batch of red, orange, and yellow for the next week. We also have the PERFECT weather to get out and view the leaves this week.

We have entered a sunny and dry November stretch of weather. Conditions are going to start to dry out, allowing for more hikes and fall trips. Check the out-the-door forecast for the next five days. You can just about plan any outdoor walk this week and you will be able to avoid crummy weather. Just make sure to start early because the sunset is before 5 p.m. now!

Portland, Oregon, South View

Check out the view of some of the trees around the hills of OHSU and downtown Portland. Notice many of the tops are red or orange. There are still some green trees that are mixed into the fall foliage to give some pop to the colors. The views around here are vibrant right now!

Just know that there isn’t much time left to grab the photos.

The Portland area will most likely be beyond the peak by this time next week. You’ll have to get the rakes ready for the yard work. We do not have any significant disturbances moving through to help strip the trees. So we may get lucky for an extended stretch.

Most data (daylight, camera views, history, tree type) that is streaming in has the state reaching the past-peak window this week. Based on what we have going on here locally, I’m holding on to this being our last week for peak color. This week will be our best so far.

If you plan on doing some traveling, you may want to venture south to get a colorful view, rather than east. Of course the variety of trees will be different based on location.

I want to leave you with some fall trivia to absorb. When you see the different colors of leaves this week, you can pair them with the terms below. When the green breaks down and the trees are left with the brilliant colors, you now know some of the names for those colors! Enjoy.

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