Grab the water and sunscreen, we’re hitting 90 on Tuesday


Details for June 1, 2021

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – I guess we are going to be sweating it out for our first day of June, because temperatures are going to be hitting the 90s. This will be the first one of the year, following an already warm Memorial Day weekend.

We have been watching our daytime high warm a few degrees each day going back to Friday, but it will peak Tuesday afternoon. The morning will be mild and by lunch, expect temperatures well into the 70s. If you don’t have air conditioning or a way to cool yourself down, make sure you avoid the afternoon hours outside. You will want to get all your outdoor work done as early as possible.

Temperatures should top off anywhere between 90 and 95 degrees in the Willamette Valley on Tuesday. There may be a few outliers that are cooler, but most locations around that range. Check out the temperatures from Hood River to the east! We may be talking about triple-digits for The Dalles in the afternoon. More on that below (heat advisory).

Did I mention we may break a record Tuesday?

The current record for June 1 is 94 degrees, set back in 1970. It will be close, but we will have a very good chance to at least tie it. Wednesday appears a bit out of reach and that goes for Thursday as well. If the record was 91, like Thursday, we would have a high probability of calling 2021 the new record. (Join in Tuesday afternoon and we will have an update.)

Even if we fall short of the record, the next 3 days will feel like summer. When we drop to 81 on Thursday, the high will still be nearly 10 degrees above average. Pace yourself if you’re going out to the trails Tuesday.

This is all because of this strong ridge of high pressure, reminiscent of the ridge we had earlier this month that brought in our then-warmest temperatures of the year (80-84). The heat kicks in for everybody up and down the West Coast and extended into the four corner region.

When we have these large ridges building over the West Coast, it takes time to move them out. That is why we have been warm and dry for three days and we have three more days to go. Right now, this is a great time to get the car washed or to stain the deck.

You just have to make sure you’re taking breaks from the sun if you’re going to be out.

Heat advisory

Lastly, we have a heat advisory for the lower Columbia Basin Tuesday late morning through Thursday night. It is going to be a very warm stretch of weather for The Dalles, Arlington, Hermiston and Pendleton.

All of you that live inbetween or to the north will be dealing with some extreme heat. Make sure you are taking significant breaks and make sure to give yourself moments to rest. This heat is going to be dangerous and it is the first of the year, so it can come with a surprise. Conditions cool down closer to average by the end of the week.

I’m also concerned for breezy conditions, especially on Thursday.

Try to stay cool out there!

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