PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — I’m sure you’ve been getting some good use out of that rain jacket this month and you may need it again this Wednesday as spotty showers move through the Portland metro area.

Showers will be around to start Wednesday morning and they will be light and scattered in nature. If you were thinking about riding a bike into downtown Portland or you were thinking about walking to work — you should be ready for a drop or two.

However, these showers aren’t going to have the same sort of bite as some of the others over the past week. The conditions that would favor downpours or thunderstorms have subsided for now.

Wednesday’s spring showers will be weak and brief. The afternoon should come with sun breaks and isolated showers. If you cycle through the two graphics below, you will find the afternoon forecast. Most of the Oregon coast looks to shoo the showers away by the afternoon. There will still be a few isolated showers moving through the Willamette Valley and over portions of the Cascade foothills.

Swipe through the forecast zones to get a visual representation of the weather near your community. Due to the consistent southwest flow showers will be coming and going. Once that moisture reaches the mountains, it pulls every bit out of the atmosphere and leaves communities in central Oregon dry.

Temperatures are going to be cooler than the average. Expect highs in the upper 50s for most locations outside of the coast and higher terrain. It goes without saying that there will be more clouds and showers in the western Gorge compared to areas on the east side.

There may be some very light snow in the morning for the ski resorts and some of the passes. There will not be enough moisture and lift throughout the day to keep the snow machine going. Temperatures warming through the afternoon to the upper 30s and lower 40s for Government Camp. The snow level will hover around 4,000 feet in the morning, warming to 5,500 feet by the afternoon.