Hazy sunshine Wednesday, with thunderstorms east of mountains


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Rinse and repeat for the start of August, as temperatures continue to hit the lower 90s as the sky comes with a turbid haze from wildfire smoke.

Wednesday will be the last day of that before the forecast decides to jump around the remainder of the week (teetering temperatures and conditions). We will wake up with temperatures in the 50s, although much warmer from Hood River to the east. For those of you starting your morning in The Dalles, you can expect the upper 60s to lower 70s.

There is hope for you folks that are reading this from the Lower Columbia Basin region where temperatures have been flourishing for most of the summer. Those morning temperatures that have been in the 70s for Hermiston, Arlington, Boardman and Umatilla are going to be cooler Friday. That pocket of heat is actually going to find a moment of relief although ephemeral (short-lived). Think lower 60s in the morning and in the 80s for the afternoon.

AM temperatures – weatherbell

Today we are back to the lower 90s in the valley. Some may even hit the mid-90s, especially those to the south. Like most days this summer, you will want to get your hard outdoor activities finished by noon. If you have to be outside after that, you will want to prepare for some serious heat where temperatures are in the upper 80s and lower 90s for hours. Still grab your water and sun protection if you’re heading out. This is just summer swimming weather, but with that haze in the sky, you may just want to stay indoors in the locations that are smokier.

We have a summer roller coaster coming as temperatures go from the 90s down to the 70s by Friday, then likely back up to the 90s next week. Usually, this type of fluctuation is what we call the spring roller coaster, but we are heading to the amusement park and jumping on the summer roller coaster to start August.

Are you looking forward to the warm, very warm, or hot forecast? If you’re a fan of the heat, we have plenty of it through the next 10 days.

Extended Forecast – weatherbell

Alright folks, the weather pattern that we have been following since the weekend, is finally starting to look different around the Pacific Northwest (PNW). You can see our first disturbance starting to move in from the southwest by tomorrow evening. That buckle in the jet will be enough to cause some more showers and thunderstorms both Wednesday and Thursday for those east of the Cascades.

The ridge is still strong to the east, leaving conditions hot and hazy from central Oregon to the border of Idaho (and farther east). There may be more of a breeze as this system starts to move in, especially for areas to the south.

Notice the jet stream focusing in on southern Oregon by the early morning hours today. The wind aloft is going to be more intense than it has been for the last few days, which may lead to some fast-moving cells in the afternoon and evening. That strength in wind will also help generate a few thunderstorms. We do not need more lightning around here.

Portland should stay north and west of much interference the next two days. However, that wind is also going to usher the high-level smoke from California to the north and east. Hazy conditions start to improve for the valley and likely the eastern Gorge by tomorrow night.

The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) again has areas of eastern Oregon under the scope for thunderstorms. They are not expected to be as strong as the development on Monday and Tuesday, but that may change as that jet sets up with strong wind aloft. For now, those of you in Baker City, you would be at the greatest risk for a strong storm today.

We do not need any more thunderstorms that are generating lightning. According to the Northwest Interagency Coordination Center, Oregon saw over 18 hundred lightning strikes Monday and Tuesday. You can find the chart in the tweet below. Talk about a light show, that of which we do not need. It’s a fragile balance when you find yourself getting rain in the summer, because it may come with lightning.

We want more moisture and less lightning. I expect more lightning in the forecast today for those in eastern Oregon.

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