PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Today marks day four of a heat wave – so if you’re not tired of it yet, you will be soon. An Excessive Heat Warning is in effect until 10 P.M. for temperatures in the mid to upper 90s. Wildfire smoke lingers this weekend with better improvements by Sunday thanks to a stronger onshore flow. Until then, find your plan B in case the weather doesn’t cooperate with your outdoor plans.

Air quality advisory in effect until noon Monday

The Southwest Clean Air Agency, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, and the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency has issued an Air Quality Advisory, which is in effect until noon PDT Monday. A Smoke Air Quality Advisory remains in effect for eastern Lane County. Wildfires burning in the region combined with forecast conditions will cause air quality to reach unhealthy levels due to smoke at times through noon PDT Monday. An Ozone Air Quality Advisory has been issued for the rest of Lane County, Clackamas, Linn, Marion, Multnomah, Washington, Clark, Cowlitz, and Skamania counties. Wildfires burning in the region combined with forecasted conditions will cause air quality to reach unhealthy levels due to ozone at times through noon PDT Monday. Pollutants in smoke can cause burning eyes, runny nose, aggravate heart and lung diseases, and aggravate other serious health problems. Limit outdoor activities and keep children indoors if it is smoky. Please follow medical advice if you have a heart or lung condition. More information about air quality can be found at: Southwest Clean Air Agency: www.swcleanair.org Oregon Department of Environmental Quality: www.oregon.gov/DEQ Lane Regional Air Protection Agency: www.lrapa.org



As the region experiences dangerously hot temperatures through Saturday, many will want to seek refuge from the heat and head to the beach. However, some are not familiar with the south Washington and north Oregon coast`s normal beach hazards, including but not limited to rip currents, sneaker waves and cold water temperatures. High beach visitation rates occurred during the June heatwave, and resulted in increased rescues and deaths. Rip currents are powerful currents of water moving away from shore, and can sweep even the strongest swimmer away. If at all possible, swim near a lifeguard. Don`t swim against the current directly to shore, swim along the shoreline until you escape the current`s pull.

The current temperature of the ocean water along the Oregon`s coastline ranges between 50 and 60 degrees. This impacts the body much more severely compared to air temperature, and can lead to loss of breathing control, heart and blood pressure problems, and a high risk of suddenly drowning. Therefore, residents and visitors who are planning to seek relief at the beach from the excessive heat inland, should stay very informed and aware of ocean hazards, wear a wetsuit and/or life preserver if going out or in the ocean, and if possible, stay near a lifeguard.