PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – You will not be waking up to the rays of the sun coming through your blinds this morning. The clouds will be in by morning as a thicker marine layer finds a way into the Willamette Valley. This will lead to a morning that may feel a little more like fall and not so much like summer.

The cloud cover is expected to hold through lunchtime for the Portland metro area, eventually turning over to sun by the afternoon. We can’t rule out a few isolated showers before sunrise, with some showers hanging around for the north Oregon coast in the early hours. It should be a dry day for Portland.

The cooler temperatures this afternoon are all part of this area of low pressure that is climbing up the Oregon coast for the next 24 to 36 hours.

The wind pattern will allow for cooler air to move in aloft, which will keep things cool during the day west of the Cascades. High temperatures are expected to make it to about 80 degrees in the early evening.

There is a chance that most just hang out in the 70s for the day. Take that “cooler” air in and try to bottle it up for next week.

Swipe through the slideshow below to see the futurecast and zone planner.

Clouds will clear from the south up to the north, so there will be some spots out on the Oregon coast that should also see some sunshine today.

Plenty of blue sky coming out of central Oregon today with highs a bit cooler in the 80s and lower 90s. We do have to watch for an isolated thunderstorm or two around the high terrain of Pendleton.

Have a great day!