Is it really spring? Chilly April mornings and the final touch of frost


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – It’s been a chilly start to the week, what with cold temperatures both Monday and Tuesday morning. Our morning temperatures have been around freezing, some even below freezing.

Temperatures warming fast under a sky of sunshine, so the chilly air will not hold heading into the afternoon. There was a pocket out near Hillsboro this morning where temperatures were below freezing, down to around 30 degrees. It looks like Tillamook may have started the morning off below freezing today as well.

These are the type of days where you get a taste of winter in the morning and a strong representation of spring in the afternoon with temperatures in the upper 60s. Where the wind was blowing this morning, your temperature may have stayed closer to the upper 30s to even 40 degrees.

We can still manage to bring in some cold air in April. It becomes more difficult as the month wraps up, but early April is still vulnerable to frost and even snow. We actually started the week with nearly record-breaking morning low temperatures. Astoria was really impressive, with a morning temperature of 31 degrees Monday, which was one degree from the record that was set back in 1955. The National Weather Service in Portland sent out a tweet of some of the temperatures that were near records to start the week.

Fortunately, we won’t be dealing with this all week. You can see that the morning temperatures today were actually slightly warmer, outside of a few spots. We should be back to the lower 40s, which is our morning average now in Portland.


For those of you that are watching over your garden or want to get outside to start planting, here is some information that may help you out. Generally, our average for our final 36-degree day in Portland is April 20. We have passed our average for temperatures that fall to freezing. That typically comes to an end around March 11.

However, as you can see, like today, that isn’t always the case. The latest freezing temperature for Portland you may be wondering? That actually fell on May 2, which means April is still open for some frost and at least one time it happened in May. That means we do have some time still for some cold frosty temperatures to move through, but it is less likely as we move through the month. If you’re planting anything tender, you’ll have to watch the forecast with more attention. We are nearing the final touch of the frost season, it won’t be much longer.

I do want to give you a heads up that we have another cold morning later this week. Temperatures around the valley may again reach the lower 30s in the outlying areas come Friday morning. Temperatures around Portland should stay a few degrees above. That cold air looks to even make it to the Oregon coast again. I would be prepared for some frosty conditions at that time. Portland International Airport should stay around the mid to upper 30s once again. It’ll be another crisp start to the week, with three of the five days this week starting off near freezing.

ILANI Camera – Ridgefield, Washington 4.6.21

Check out the blue sky coming out of Ridgefield, Washington at mid-day. We have high pressure holding down the fort today, keeping us dry and sunny.

We do have a chance for rain on Wednesday, but the full day is open to enjoy scenes. Snow-covered mountains are still dominating the horizon and we have plenty of greenery too. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom downtown, it’s just about perfect over at the waterfront this time of the year. Temperatures are going to be on the rise into the mid- to upper-60s this afternoon.

It is spring though, which means the jet stream continues to wave and that is going to keep our spring ups and downs going through early April. A ridge is holding down the fort to the south and that isn’t allowing for much to drop into the Pacific Northwest (PNW) early this week. We do have a weak disturbance trying to move through on Wednesday and then later into the weekend.

That second system may bring in another round of cold air, which could lead to another round of frosty temperatures by Sunday. This means we aren’t off the hook yet for frost, as I mentioned, we may have it coming on Friday and potentially late weekend early next week.

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