Keep an eye out for thunderstorms Tuesday afternoon


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – We’re reloading some energy Tuesday afternoon and that may lead to some scattered downpours and thunderstorms for the second part of our day.

It is worth knowing that if you plan on getting a run in later, you may want to just be prepared for a passing shower or potentially heavy rain. In fact, it’s a good day to download the new KOIN 6 News app, which offers personalized weather settings, so you can tap right into the radar and you can get our updated forecast right there.

Why don’t we start with where the chance for a thunderstorm will be and who may be outside of that window. Right now the greatest threat will be for the coast and those likely farther south in the Willamette Valley. Portland and Vancouver are right on the fringe, however, I’m not counting out a thunderstorm around here this afternoon. I think it is more than possible for that to happen as the afternoon sunshine will provide plenty of energy for all of us.

This is a weather model of that potential energy this afternoon. It includes just about everyone, even some areas east of the Cascades. That will likely not be an issue Tuesday, but we may see a few cells carry over the central Cascades towards areas of Deschutes county.

All you really need to take away from the graphic below is that we do have energy around and it is even far enough north for areas like Portland and surrounding communities. This is why I wouldn’t rule out thunderstorms around Portland, which may include small hail and lightning.

We do have some dark clouds around Portland this afternoon, with intermittent sun breaks and blue sky. This is likely going to be the theme for most of the day.

However, if you use the slideshow below, you can find a photo of Stoller Winery at mid-day which is sunnier. With that type of sunshine, it will leave that area more vulnerable this afternoon. That is why it is more likely we will have those storms to the south, also because our main instigator to all of this, is farther to the south today. The last view is up in Kalama, with a lovely shot of the clouds and river.

Not a bad day overall, just a heads-up type of day where you need to be wary of some scattered showers and thunderstorms. It is indeed a very spring-like day.

We can’t rule out some showers after sunset tonight. Weather models are keeping showers in the forecast even as late as 8 p.m. Tuesday night. Midday will be the driest part of our day before we start to pick up some more showers and the activity spreads from the south to the north this evening. Snowfall can’t be ruled out for the mountains either, since ski resorts could see a burst of snow leading to a few inches. Most locations are open to rain tonight, but Pendleton may be far enough east to avoid the rain.

As I mentioned Monday and in the podcast today, we are behind already for our March rain total. It is still very early, but we don’t have much rain in the forecast until Sunday. We may have more of a wet week next week, but the pattern for the next few days is to dry out and to stay dry until the end of the weekend. Our wettest day came on March 7, where we collected a quarter of an inch of rain. That was very scattered and that wasn’t a rain event that helped everybody out. There were some passing showers around Monday, which only brought a trace to Portland. These are hit or miss type showers and thunderstorms that aren’t reliable for consistent rain.

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