PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Check out the rare “green comet” hanging in the night sky while you still can — after days of brisk, clear skies, cloudy weather returns to the Pacific Northwest Tuesday night.

The green comet, known as C/2022 E3 (ZTF), was last seen 50,000 years ago when Mastodons and saber-toothed cats still roamed the Earth. KOIN 6 Meteorologist Josh Cozart reports that cloud cover will continue to increase across western Oregon and Washington Tuesday as temperatures climb out of subfreezing zones. However, patches of clear sky will be possible.

“Now is the time to look up to the northern night sky,” NOAA said. “You may have heard of the ‘green comet’ that has come back after 50,000 years; well, now are the last chances to see this wandering celestial marvel.”

As the comet exits our solar system it will remain easily visible at night. The comet’s closest flyby to Earth will occur on Feb 1 and 2. In areas near 40 degrees latitude, like Portland, NOAA says that the comet will appear at approximately 50 degrees in the northern sky.

Read more from NASA on how to measure the sky.

A 30-second exposed photograph of the comet taken on Jan. 27, 2023. Because the comet was from an almost head-on view at that time, the comet’s tail was mostly behind it. (NOAA)

“If you know your constellations, the comet is rising higher and higher near and east of Ursa Minor,” NOAA said. “Grab your binoculars or telescope and look for the fuzzy star. Perhaps you’ll be treated to a growing comet tail as the angle of view gets better and we can see how the solar wind affects the comet.”

Portland skies are forecast to be mostly cloudy on Wednesday and Thursday. Rain is expected to return to the region at 10 p.m. on Thursday and persist into next week.