Like clockwork, the summer heat is back at it Tuesday


Detailed information for Tuesday, July 13, 2021

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – We are on track for our eighth upper 80s forecast of the month of July. Not much variation around the valley as conditions stay just about the same. That may not sound like much, but it is still a good 5 to 8 degrees above average. We have been running that way for a large chunk of the month.

This type of heat makes the morning and evening feel really nice. Around Portland, we will start with some morning clouds. They won’t stay around long, the sky will be mostly clear by late morning, with temperatures in the 50s and 60s, hitting around 70 by mid-day. Talk about a pleasant forecast.

The heat kicks in for about 3 to 5 hours in the afternoon, leaving a wonderful finish to the day in the 70s as sunset comes. This is ideal summer weather because we aren’t spending a lot of hours stressed out in the heat. With morning temperatures dropping to the 50s, it helps our daytime situation out. Start your hikes early and enjoy the sunshine on your way out. The northwest breeze should feel good too, only topping off around 10 to 15 mph in the afternoon (alright maybe a gust to 20).

Kick through the slideshow and you will see the difference in temperatures from the coast to the high desert.

Weather models continue to overplay the morning low for Pendleton and Hermiston. Those temperatures will still drop to the 60s, even the lower 60s. They will rebound quickly to the upper 90s by afternoon, potentially the triple-digits.

The heat will impact those east of the Cascades, with a 30 degree drop by the time you get to the Oregon coast. Temperatures only warming to the lower 60s for some Clatsop County communities. The cloud coverage has been sticking around the northwest coast, keeping temperatures much cooler than the rest of the state. Some may be in the upper 50s as of mid-day, only topping off in the lower 60s by afternoon. If you have the ability to work on the road, the Oregon coast would be a nice place to stay cool. Highs around the valley in the upper 80s as mentioned above, with warmer temperatures around Salem and Eugene.

There is also a heat advisory for the Lower Columbia Basin in Oregon. Pendleton is not in that heat advisory, but The Dalles, Goldendale and Hermiston are. Drink your fluids and limit your time outdoors in the sun. You may even have some hazy conditions because of nearby wildfire smoke. Of course that doesn’t help the situation.

I do want to mention that the wind is going to be consistently running out of the northwest from Astoria to The Dalles. The wind does increase in intensity coming out of Hood River County and over through Wasco County. The wind will not be helpful for current wildfires that are growing or being managed at this time. This is also not the type of weather you want for the risk of a new wildfire could ignite and spread quickly. We shouldn’t see a shift in the wind Tuesday and we likely don’t see much of a shift come Wednesday either. This is the pattern that is going to hang around for the next couple of days until we have more of an upper-level shift by Thursday.

With the wind moving in this general northwest motion, it will push any surface level wildfire smoke to the south and east. That means areas of the Willamette Valley are going to stay clear of that haze. It will keep our air quality in the green, where locations downstream from the wildfires to the southeast, may have more to deal with that smoke. If you’re going to be around the Gorge or out near the coast, you shouldn’t have much to worry about if you’re going for some close by hikes.

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