Lingering showers on Thursday before we dry out


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The last few systems have been slow to move out of the region and our rain from Wednesday is going to be just about the same.

We have a departing trough that is being forced to the south from an accompanying jet stream aloft. There is still enough going on to keep the showers around on Thursday and with that, potentially some more mountain snow.

The morning hours will definitely bring in some scattered showers for the valley and that goes for snow in the mountains. Expect the passes to be snowy. It’ll take some time for conditions to start to dry out, so I wouldn’t count on a completely dry day down here in the valley.

If you use the slideshow and move to the second graphic, you can see how it dries up by the time we get to around 5 p.m. tonight. I would count on a nice sunset around the region. Temperatures will be below average and likely in the upper 40s by sunset.

The graphic below is to track potential atmospheric rivers and the transport of moisture. We are typically looking for that rope to be darker and to be pointed at the Pacific Northwest. We aren’t dealing with anything by Thursday evening.

You can find some moisture to the north in areas of British Columbia and the coast of Alaska. We will be drying out to finish off the weekend.

The jet stream will be cutting straight through the PNW but you can see from the information above that it isn’t going to bring much moisture in. The jet is like a steering wheel, it will guide the storm system that was here for midweek out the door. Once that occurs, you can see how there is a gap to the west, which is high pressure that will keep us dry on Friday and Saturday.

We won’t warm up too much, but we will definitely dry out by the time we wrap up the week.

Courtesy: TropicalTidbits Jet

How about the wind? Not a big deal for our Thursday. That may feel good for those of you up on the mountain where it’s just been breezy for the last couple of days. It was also windy for folks in the Gorge and over on the other side of the mountains.

For the most part, the wind will be fairly tame by tomorrow afternoon. There may be some breezy spots over on the east side of the state or parts of the central Oregon coast, but the valley should be rather sheltered and slow.

Courtesy: COD Weatherlab

Expect temperatures to be fairly cool once again across the state. Temperatures barely hit 50 on Wednesday and those around the valley will once again be sitting in a similar scenario where temperatures are likely in the upper 40s to lower 50s for the day.

Portland will have a high somewhere around 52 and that may be one of the warmer locations tomorrow. Those of you out at the coast, temperatures in the 40s with a light breeze running out of the northwest. Another March day where the temperatures are going to be below average. We may get closer to average by the end of the week.

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