PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — We have outdoor weather in the forecast today. The sun will be out bright and early, holding for the day. Portland and Vancouver will have temperatures in the lower 50s when you’re taking off for the day. Windows down for the commute home by evening.

Temperatures are expected to reach the mid to upper 70s by afternoon. Like most days, the late afternoon and early evening will be the warmest point of the day. If you have been waiting for the perfect day to take the bike to work, today would be a great test run. There will be a light NW wind for the northern Willamette Valley. It will be one of the handfuls of days that actually finish above average for the month.

This is all because of a ridge of high pressure moving in for the next few days. Swipe through the graphics below to get a visual idea of what is coming for the day. We won’t be able to dig into this ridge for much time, so don’t expect a long-lasting stretch of warm weather. You can read more about the ups and downs of the forecast in the story link below. Essentially, a shortwave ridge-like what is moving in today, can give us a pop of warmer air, but nothing extreme.

What about rain? Portland has had measurable rain for seven days in a row. Today, we will hop right over that rain threat. Futurecast has a few passing clouds in the morning, with an offshore flow pumping across central Oregon and the lower Columbia basin into the Gorge. That will help clear us out and it should help warm us up too.

Again, the wind at the surface should be running out of the Northwest around the Portland metro area today. The 6:30 p.m. slide of the futurecast has the development of a few showers up in the high terrain of the Cascades of Washington. There shouldn’t be much around here today. Go out there and get that hike in and take it all in. Have a great Tuesday.