PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – We have another round of fog coming our way and it will be enough to slow down the travel Monday morning. When you’re about to head out, make sure you plan on areas of dense fog. This may be thick enough to drop the visibility below a 1/4 mile.

We may also have some spots where freezing fog occurs. Most of the ground has been plenty warm, but we may have an issue or two for some bridges. Freezing fog is more likely through the lower Columbia Basin Monday morning, and areas from Pendleton over to The Dalles will be vulnerable to this. Fog will likely be socked into areas of Hood River and Skamania counties.

The fog may take some time to dissipate, but it is likely to occur by mid-day Monday. We will need the sunshine to beam down on the fog to help warm up the air. That takes time and it doesn’t happen directly after sunrise.

This is all because of the dominating high pressure and the temperature inversion that is building over our region: Warmer air aloft, cooler at the surface.

The Oregon coast was screaming Sunday with temperatures in the mid-60s. We may have another round of warm temperatures for the Oregon coast Monday.

The day planner is projecting temperatures in the mid-40s around Portland. Weather models are advertising the lower 50s for any of the spots that can avoid the fog through the full morning. We will have plenty of warm air up on the mountain for winter skiing.

We are not expecting any rain at this time, and that means no mountain snow.

The coldest temperatures will be from Hood River over to Pendleton on Monday. If you’re traveling east from Portland through the Gorge, you will want to plan for the fog in the morning.