PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – We’re going to be pushing the temperatures up another level as we start the new week.

Portland has experienced three days in the 90s this year and Monday will be another. The Portland metro area will start the day in the 60s, before topping off around the mid 90s in the afternoon.

The heat may cause some stress as temperatures build out through the day. A building ridge is going to allow for a warmer air mass to take over. That warmer air mass and the addition of an offshore flow, will help kick those temperatures from very warm to hot. This is a typical pattern in the summer that leads to these toasty temperatures.

Swipe through the slideshow below to get an idea of the temperature in your community.

Heat will tackle the whole state Monday. It is going to be hot aloft up in the Cascades and it will be warm out to the Oregon coast. Most locations for the coast should be in the 70s. Locations like Tillamook are likely to break to the 80s. Weather data may be pushing those temperatures around Tillamook a bit more than it will likely be, but just be prepared for a warmer afternoon. Mid 90s from Hood River to the east. In fact, we may even find a triple-digit temperature today. Sunshine for all.

A UV Index of 8 is expected by the early afternoon. That will be in the high range for Portland. Have a plan to protect yourself from the sun if you’re going to be out there.

Stay cool! Have a great day.