PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Dear Moms, we’re sorry for the rain.

I want to preface the apology before we get into the details of the forecast for our Mother’s Day. We will have some showers and even a few thunderstorms Sunday. It will NOT be raining all day around the Willamette Valley.

If you like to get out with the kids and you want to spend some outside time, there will be a window or two for you and the family to get out in the morning hours.

Those of you in central and eastern Oregon will be fully unscathed in the morning from any rain or much cloud coverage. However, a drape of clouds is possible around Pendleton south to Baker City. Portland will be cool but it should be dry by morning. But the ground will potentially be a little wet from Saturday. Shower development is likely to hold off from Marion County north until afternoon.

Cycle through the graphics below to see how the day is going to pan out around here.

You will spot all that moisture from Newport south in the morning. That is an area of low pressure that will brush the central and southern Oregon coast by the early hours. This should lead to rain around Eugene, and also up through Corvallis and nearby communities. We should avoid that rain closer to home.

Due to the cold and unstable environment aloft, we are going to be seeing showers and storms develop by afternoon. The greatest threat for rain will come in the evening, closer to dinner time. Conditions mainly settle down by night. However, the mountains may still have some lingering snow and it could be slick on the passes.

Showers may hold some strength on Sunday. Forecast rain totals are expected to surge above a quarter of an inch due to the intensity of the showers that do develop. It’s possible that you may avoid the heavy rain due to the scattered nature of the development. You will notice that the thunderstorm potential Sunday will stretch across the whole state. If you hear a rumble of thunder, take it indoors for a while. Have a great day!