PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Many in Southwest Washington left to find cover after a tornado warning was issued for central Clark County Monday afternoon, with others in the area encountering heavy rain and flooded intersections.

The tornado warning expired around 3:20 p.m. but the weather didn’t stop there, with heavy rain creating a mess for drivers.

“It was a ridiculous downpour. It was coming down so hard, I don’t know how it could get worse than that,” Vancouver resident Tracy Colwell said.

Colwell added that while it seemed things were lightening up after a bit, conditions quickly changed when a tornado warning came through, urging residents to take cover.

“I was scrambling trying to figure out what to do because I don’t have a basement, I don’t have anything really easy, so my husband is calling me on the phone saying get into our crawl space,” Colwell said.

The rain caused a mess for drivers across the area, with a number of flooded intersections near the Fairway neighborhood. Troy Ewers lives in the area and came over on his bike to watch the aftermath.

“Getting a show, watching all the cars go through. Some of them are hitting it like it’s a race track and others are going around the puddles so it’s a fun time to watch,” Ewers said.

For some who hit those areas of ponding a little too hard, they also left behind debris floating in the water.

“There are a few car parts already floating in the little river here so yeah that was very surprising,” Ewers said.

However, even with some ugly weather in the afternoon, the day ended on a bright note with a rainbow stretching across the Vancouver sky.