PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The shortest month of the year brings some of the biggest weather potentials of the year.

February is a warming month for Portland as afternoon highs average out in the low 50s. This makes the second month of the year the third coldest month of the year. Just behind January and December.

Waning rainfall totals also begin in the month of February. This makes it the fifth driest month of the year, averaging only 3.68″. That’s where Portland and much of western Oregon and Washington find the first day of the month with dry skies and increasing clouds.

New weather normals for February in Portland

Afternoon temperatures will continue to warm Wednesday as highs climb near 50. A mix of sun and clouds will be found for the day as winds begin to increase Thursday.

Increasing winds Thursday will help to increase the rain potential late Thursday night into Friday morning. Rain chances remain through Friday and into the weekend as afternoon highs and early morning lows continue to climb.

Snow elevation forecast

Snow makes a comeback over the Cascades late this week. Snow elevations remain above 4,000 feet. No snow chances are in the forecast for Portland, but on average the airport picks up on 1.2″ of snow in February.