PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Snow showers come to an end Thursday morning. Clearing skies and windy conditions will bring dangerous cold back to the Pacific Northwest early Thursday morning.

Afternoon highs will struggle to climb above freezing Thursday. Winds will make afternoon highs feel more like they are in the teens.

Moderate frostbite risk in Portland this week

The threat of frostbite increases with these dangerously cold conditions. Thursday’s winds will keep temperatures close to five degrees below zero.

Early morning lows will be near record-breaking conditions.

Not only will the wind chill temperatures be low, but the actual air temperature will be cold. Portland will likely break records during the morning hours through Saturday. Early morning lows will drop into the teens by Saturday morning. Wind chill factors will feel even colder.

Any lingering snow or ice left from Wednesday night will likely stay through Friday afternoon. That’s where Portland could sit below freezing for nearly 36 hours.