No complaints! A beautiful Tuesday forecast


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – We are sitting in the sweet spot of the weekly forecast today. An August day that is just about spot on to our average, with temperatures warm, but definitely not hot.

Today, we will start the day with a slight chill in the air. It’s possible that we find a few neighborhoods down into the 40s. You may need a jacket or sweatshirt if you’re going to be spending time outdoors before we warm for the day.

If you’re thinking about an early start to an extended hike, you’ll need to be ready for the cool air. We will kick out plenty of temperatures in the 50s in the morning too, still cool. A light breeze to the day, with a chance for some morning clouds passing through the region. If you find it a bit cool and too much like a fall day in the morning, the afternoon is going to be for you (much warmer).

I think the second part of the day is going to be really nice, but we do have a few elements to watch out for, which we will discuss below. As far as the temperatures this afternoon, most spots locations will be around average or below.

The Oregon coast should be sitting in the mid 60s under sunshine and a north to northwest breeze, pushing 15 mph or so. The Willamette Valley will be sitting pretty in the lower 80s, with more sunshine to take on in. The wind will be dragging through the Lower Columbia Basin out of the east today, which is going to likely transport some wildfire smoke into portions of central Oregon and areas of the Gorge. We will get to that wind pattern and wildfire smoke forecast with the graphic at the bottom of the weather blog.

Go ahead and listen to the weather forecast for the week in the podcast attached here!

The weather pattern hasn’t changed much since Monday afternoon. We are still sitting in the departing trough that is leaving conditions cool (especially in the morning). As it transitions east we will eventually open up the door for a ridge to build and for temperatures to warm. We will start to tap into that by afternoon and we will also have plenty of sunshine to warm us up.

This is why we will take those temperatures from the mid 70s on Monday and we will punt them into the lower 80s today. There isn’t anything exciting in the weather pattern at this time, but it’s worth noting mentally where we are and what it means for our weather for future forecasts that have similar builds.

Weather models do have clouds to start the day for the coast, eventually turning sunnier. The Oregon coast will be the cloudiest part of the state today. If you happen to take a day trip out to the coast, be prepared for clouds and not a full sky of sunshine. Some of those clouds will stretch east to the valley, but it shouldn’t be as overcast as previous mornings.

A clear and sunny start east of the Cascades, with the exception of maybe some clouds trying to work into areas of the Gorge in the morning as they also stretch east around the Columbia River.

It should be a cool morning for those that are clear in central Oregon. Communities like Madras, will see temperatures down into the lower 40s, and potentially, the upper 30s.

I do want to mention that closer to the surface tomorrow, we may have some smoke moving into the northern Willamette Valley and areas of the Gorge. Outside of the weather being extremely pleasant, the wind pulling from the east to west will now usher some of the wildfire smoke from Washington into our neck of the woods. The smoke will mostly get taken aloft and pushed east, but around the surface, we can’t rule out some haze today.

Will that mess with the air quality? It’s possible that it takes us down at times to a moderate level, but I wouldn’t expect an air quality alert at this time. The clashing wind aloft should help transport that wildfire smoke east and away from our area.

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