PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — No-rain-vember. It’s a cute name for a month with an issue. It’s November and we need the rain to keep falling. Portland’s three inches of rain so far isn’t enough to carry us to the end of the month. Axl Rose might have to rewrite the song ‘November Rain’ if things don’t change soon.

Wednesday, like most days this week, will offer nothing more than desert dryness and a biting cold, easterly wind that zaps every living cell of moisture right out of your body.

Aside from having weather that only Edgar Allen Poe could love, we’re doing great. Lots of time under the sun is just the dose of Vitamin D we need this time of year. Don’t forget your sunscreen. You can still get a sunburn in late fall. Speaking from experience.

We’re starting this Wednesday morning in the upper 30’s for Portland. Add a 10-15mph wind and it feels more like 31. That’s wind chill factor and we’re crunching the numbers all night long. Why? We’ll be dealing with this offshore flow for a few days.

Daytime highs for Wednesday afternoon reach the low to mid 50’s, still windy at times. Surface winds will be more pronounced in the morning hours, especially at 1,000 feet. Unless you live at 1,000 feet elevation or you’re flying a hot air balloon, this won’t concern you. Wind gusts at this elevation will range from 35-45 mph. So lather up that lotion and layer your clothes in the morning on this non-traditional November weather day.

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