Not every day will be cool and wet, but that’s the trend coming


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – It sure looks like the clouds have a lot to say today. A journey from the ocean to the valley, what a story. It’s true, they have plenty to offer this afternoon, and it may be a scene we are familiar with the next week or two.

The clouds today are keeping temperatures down and they’re also providing more rain for folks. It’s not a stratus blanket of gray, but we do have stratocumulus clouds out there and an occasional Pacific Northwest cumulonimbus cloud forming. Long story short, these clouds were made for producing fall showers. If you check out the views below, you can gather that.

Rain is a good thing. Of course, we love our sun-kissed fall days as well. It looks as if we may have more broken clouds with rain coming our way and that should offer more water for our drought conditions.

The drought has made minor improvements, but we need to keep chipping away at that statewide. After our first good soaking of October on Tuesday, we are now in line for spotty showers until the weekend. We are currently below for our rainfall departure this month, but I would be willing to bet that we are near average or above by mid-October.

Check out the Climate Prediction Center (CPC) outlook for the upcoming days of October. This is actually a valid outlook for the week of Oct. 10 to around Oct. 17. Conditions are expected to be wetter than normal around our section of the United States. Usually, we have cooler air associated with our rain events, so that is also likely for this round (not always the case). I’m not expecting it to be rainy each and every day, but scattered showers are probably going to be part of the forecast next week. If you have fall plans coming up, you’ll want to plan for a cooler fall forecast.

It was mentioned that the rain will be helpful for our drought conditions that have stacked up through the summer. After a few rounds of rain, we have made improvements around southwest Washington and the northwest Oregon coast. Clark County was dropped from severe drought to a moderate drought as of early October. This is a wonderful sign, but we can’t stop now. We need more rain to make it through the mountains and over to the central and eastern sections of the state too. The increased chance for moisture will generally help all in the state. It’s hard to see how much of the counties and communities are enduring an exceptional level of drought. It will take the rainy season to help repair the drought in those locations.

We have a predicament coming our way in the forecast for the weekend and early parts of next week. Two of the weather models that are projecting rain for the valley over the next five days are drastically different when it comes to the rain totals. One weather model has a modest amount of rain, meanwhile, the other is bringing in soggy conditions. It’s usually a trend to meet somewhere in the middle. I believe we will see the first rain total increase, while the second drops for the valley. It does look like Sunday could provide a weak atmospheric river, so I am leaning towards a higher rain total. It seems like the trajectory of this moisture avoids those needed locations east of the mountains too. We will keep trying!

Stay dry, warm, and enjoy some hot cider out at the pumpkin patch!

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