Not nearly as windy Monday but still cool


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Talk about a gusty Sunday with cooler temperatures across the Willamette Valley and the Oregon coast!

It wasn’t the case to the east where it was still fairly warm until that cold front moved through later at night. However, it was very windy — with dust storms and tree damage Sunday. That wind will slowly start to pacify on Monday, however, there may still be some gusty moments holding on Monday. It shouldn’t be as strong, but we can’t rule out the breezy conditions.

The photo below was shared by the Sherman County Sheriff’s Office on Sunday. That is something you do not want to drive through if you see it in your path.

We also had a fire down in Deschutes county on Sunday. The satellite picked that up, which you can see that little red dot in the middle of the graphic below. That is the infrared satellite picking up the heat signature from that fire in Bend. Yes, even in the early spring we can deal with fires.

Any time that we have wind gusting to the 50 to 60 mph range, it can cause problems. It shouldn’t be as powerful and dangerous as those of a the summer, however, it’s still possible that a fire spreads with wind like we had Sunday.

What do we have coming to start the week then? We are probably going to go on a short stretch of dry days this week. As we wrap up the month of March and start April, high pressure starts to build in. It won’t make a major impact with our temperatures until midweek, but we do have some sunshine coming, that should arrive by this afternoon.

If you cycle through the slideshow below, you can see that there are some lingering rain showers in the morning and still some snowfall for the mountains. It should be noted, that the snow level will be as low as 1,000 feet by morning. There may be snow for the Cascade foothills and even some folks in higher elevations around the West Hills.

We’ll be warming by the afternoon, to the lower to mid-50s in Portland.

We are still under the spell of some colder air on Monday. We will eventually hit some warmer spring temperatures, but not today.

The Oregon coast should top off near 50 degrees, which means the sunshine will be a bit deceiving. Still a cooler northwest flow, keeping highs limited. Around the Willamette Valley, we should top off in the lower to mid-50s. The sunshine will help give us a slight boost, but we just don’t have much warm air around.

Temperatures at night will drop to near freezing too, leaving a threat for frost on Tuesday morning. Cycle through the forecast zones below to get an idea of your temperatures today. The largest difference is going to be the high temperature for you folks east of the Cascades. That cold air will keep you cooler today, compared to the weekend.

Lastly, I want to show you what is going on over our heads! The jet stream is painting that northwest flow through most of the day, which is the driving force to our weather here near the surface as well. That main disturbance from Sunday will be far to the southeast and the cooler air remains because of that northwest flow.

The second graphic of the jet stream that is labeled 6:00 p.m. will show how the wind isn’t as strong aloft and everything slowly shifts east. It will continue that trend into Tuesday leaving us with a more settled environment for midweek. That is when our temperatures will start to warm and the sunshine will be in abundance.

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