PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Oregon Department of Transportation is warning drivers ahead of winter to prepare themselves for any scenario the roads may bring them.

The big point ODOT officials want to drive home is that they will be out on the roads this winter, but you may not see them as much as you’re used to.

Officials said that due to declining revenues and increasing costs, they will significantly cut maintenance across the entire state this winter.

Now they are especially pushing the importance of being prepared.

This looks like carrying chains and knowing how to use them, having emergency supplies in your car, and staying home if you can and if you can’t, check TripCheck and know the forecast where you’re going.

Michelle Godfrey, a spokesperson for the department, illustrated what being prepared looks like.

“Check your battery, check all your fluids, make sure you have enough wiper fluid to clear away any debris or snow and ice as you’re traveling,” said Godfrey. “Make sure your battery is fully charged. Check all the systems to make sure you’re good to go”

In addition to making sure your car is prepped and ready to go, Godfrey said it’s essential to take care of your body as well including food, water, medication and other essentials in an emergency kit before you head out.