PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN)- All-time record highs are in jeopardy to the south, as temperatures continue to crank up around Las Vegas and communities of southern California. Las Vegas tied their all-time record on Saturday and they will be very close to that temperatures again Sunday.

The bubble of heat is staying to the south of Portland, but that heat is still finding a way to portions of Oregon as we are sitting on the fringe. Expect summer temperatures once again Sunday, likely above average for most. The Oregon coast is the place to be if you want to stay a bit cooler. We will get to those temperatures below in the slideshow of graphics.

Before we get there, look at this weather pattern graphic. It will represent the high pressure zone that is in place to the southwest. The core of that is going to be building around the border of Nevada, California and Arizona on Sunday. That is going to be the zone of extreme temperatures, with heat continuing for some time.


That area of high pressure has no way to flatten until that disturbance to the east near Illinois departs. Eventually this ridge will not be as potent, allowing for conditions to drop back to more of a reasonable heat, although still very hot. This weather pattern will look different by Wednesday as that area of low pressure to the northwest in the Gulf of Alaska finally finds a way to the Pacific Northwest (PNW).

As for our Sunday forecast, we have morning clouds streaming into Portland and nearby communities. They stop around the border of Clackamas and Marion counties.

The northwest Oregon coast will keep the clouds in place, too. This will keep temperatures cooler through the morning hours, until the clouds dissipate and the sun comes breaking through. This is why the temperatures have been warmer in Salem than Portland the last 5 days. This is also the reasoning for keeping our temperatures out of the 90s for Vancouver and Portland. The influence of the ocean and the passage of the Columbia river can not be underestimated!

Here is your forecast for your Sunday afternoon, separated into each zone (graphics below).

  • Portland should top off around the mid 80s, with cooler temperatures to the north near Kelso. Let’s count on near 90 for Salem and those to the south in the Willamette Valley. The wind will be running around 5 to 10 mph with plenty of sunshine by the afternoon.
  • If you cycle over to the second graphic, you will find the forecast for the Oregon coast. Clouds will be around for the morning, especially to the north, with highs in the mid 60s. I mentioned we are on the fringe of that high pressure, which is keeping conditions warm and sunny.
  • The rest of the state is really feeling this, with highs in the mid to upper 90s. The wind coming from from the west and north will usher that wildfire smoke in that direction. Still very hot and very dry. Conditions will remain troublesome for wildfires.
  • Lastly, a pleasant forecast for the mountain and areas of the Gorge. Still fairly breezy coming out of the west for Hood River and The Dalles. The wind will gust to the 30 mph range, with a sustained speed around 10 to 20. If you’re thinking of a hike, the trails should be nice up on the mountain. Highs in the mid to upper 70s around Government Camp 4,000 feet range. Not much cloud coverage, so make sure you have the sun protection today.