PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Before we could get used to a moment of dry time, we are back to the rain. Sunday is going to be a soaker as a strong front passes by. There is plenty of moisture to reinforce this system, too!

Sunday remains cool with temperatures in the lower 40s by morning. Do not expect to warm up much from there, as daytime highs will just warm up a few degrees to the mid 40s. This will not be as soggy as Friday, but this will definitely be a wet day. You will want a rain jacket if you do step out.

Expect heaps of snow above 3,000 feet as this moisture reaches the mountains. This is going to create a tough driving scene for those who are needing to travel. Snow will slow down on Monday, but we don’t see a drop of moisture until Tuesday.

Temperatures colder all week, with below average temperatures. We have multiple opportunities for frost and potentially even a freeze this week, starting Tuesday morning.

Dry time midweek!

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