PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – There is no way around the rain in the next 48 hours.

Our Thursday morning will start with showers — but we are just getting started. Make sure to grab a rain jacket and to make sure the kids are geared up too. By morning, the highways and local streets may have large puddles and water.

You may want to skip out a little earlier than normal for your commute.


Swipe through the graphics in the slideshow below to get the forecast for your community. The common denominator Thursday is going to be rain and wind. Temperatures for the Oregon coast are going to be topping off near 60 degrees. A warm air mass is going to overtake the region, boosting our temperature to above average for the day. This is also going to increase the snow levels for the Cascades in a big way. We will take those snow levels all the way up to about 9,000 feet. All of the snow down near the passes will melt out and we can expect rain for the passes in the meantime.

Daytime highs should be in the lower 60s from Vancouver to Corvallis Thursday. I do expect temperatures to be warmer in the southern valley. It’s possible that some communities top off in the mid 60s.

The morning appears to be the wettest part of the day. We may actually avoid some of the rain during the afternoon. Temperatures will be slightly cooler from Hood River east to Pendleton. Notice that the temperature at 4,000 feet at Government Camp will be about the same as Hood River down in the Gorge.

If we have any sunshine Thursday, it will be to the south or potentially in central Oregon for a small moment. Where the southwest wind is cranking, that is where the temperatures will be the warmest.