PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Tuesday may be the day that we bring in measurable rain for Portland. Monday wrapped up 33 days of no measurable rain, which looks to change in the morning or potentially later in the day.

Expect clouds and showers through about 9 a.m. We will have plenty of water around in the atmosphere to tap into by Tuesday morning. If those showers develop, there may be a few that are steady providers. It is unlikely that we wake to a thunderstorm, but the development of something more significant later in the day is possible.

Portland will be in the lower to mid-60s by the time you begin the day. Temperatures around the Willamette Valley should reach the lower to mid-80s.

Once the original wave of showers move across the area, a window of sunshine and warm temperatures are expected.

You will notice in the weather pattern graphic that there is an area of light orange off the Oregon and California coast. This will be the disturbance that will impact the forecast over the next two days.

Swipe through the slideshow below to check out the zone planner and other visual graphics.

You will find the temperature trend for the day in the day planner. Temperatures are coolest for the coast and warmest across the lower Columbia basin with temperatures pushing the 90s.

The zone planner does have a section for the Gorge but it is configured for The Dalles. Those of you that are coming in from Troutdale over to Hood River will find temps cooler in the mid-80s to 90 degrees.