PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — There has been a slight pause to the peak leaf peeping this year, likely due to the warm days this October. Regardless, we will still have our colors popping sooner rather than later.

Another factor of those pretty autumn hues is the day length, which continues to shrink this time of the year. We continue to be patchy around the Portland area, with the expectation to start reaching near-peak around the week of Oct. 17 and then hitting our stride closer to the third and fourth week of October.

With that said, we haven’t tweaked the fall colors forecast for the upcoming week.

We have had more 70-degree days this October than in other years (going back through our early records.) Typically, we need a mild afternoon with a crisp morning to help bring out some of the colors.

We have been running warm in the afternoon and definitely in the overnight too. This is a stall tactic from Mother Nature this year.

What has been good, is that we haven’t had an overpowering wind to knock any of the fragile leaves down. We still have hefty foliage this season. There have only been some trees that are dropping due to maybe the drought conditions.

Here is an estimation of what we are working with around the Portland metro area as of October 10. The higher you go in elevation, the better chance that those colors are transitioning quicker.

That means some of those locations in Clackamas and Marion counties are probably further along than the rest of us down at the Willamette Valley floor. That goes for all the hills in the counties that are projected to be patchy in the graphic below.

However, it’s still a great time to get out to check out the trees. It’s hard to beat this weather right now. We have temperatures that are warm through the early evening and the morning has been quite mild to get a comfortable start to a longer hike.

Check back in and we will have more updates for you as you prep for some high-quality leaf-peeping.