PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Morning fog and afternoon sun, that’s mostly what Oregon and Washington will see Thursday as the Pacific Northwest prepares for its next fall storm.

Morning fog will slowly clear through the morning hours along the Willamette Valley and coast on Thursday. Another round of afternoon sunshine will help warm temperatures back into the mid-70s. Thursday will likely be the warmest day of the week as Portland’s next autumn storm bring cooler and wetter weather by the weekend.

Foggy conditions could drop visibly down to nearly a quarter mile Thursday morning. Clear conditions should return to much of the region by noon.

Portland’s average number of days each month with dense fog

It’s not surprising that Portland’s seeing foggier conditions. On average, October brings the most number of dense fog days to Bridge City with an average of six days seeing redecide visibility and fog.

Temperatures will continue to trend above normal by nearly 10 degrees for the rest of the week. It’s not until the weekend when cloudier skies and wet weather make their return.

Portland temperatures will drop nearly 20 degrees from Thursday to Tuesday next week

These cloudier and rainy conditions will drop temperatures nearly 20 degrees from Thursday to Tuesday. Portland will go from above average to below average in a matter of a week.

KOIN 6 Meteorologist Josh Cozart shares Portland’s most accurate weather forecast as the last bit of warmth remains over the Pacific Northwest

Scattered showers are expected to last through the second half of the weekend and well into next week.