PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – If you’re thinking it has been a cool May, you aren’t incorrect. We are running below average this month. What may be more intriguing is that we haven’t hit 80 degrees this year. This hasn’t happened since 2011(also 2010). Going back to 2000, only two years have skipped out on the 80s in May. We may have another goose egg coming this year!

If you digest the graphic below, you will notice plenty of years have at least a handful of 80-degree days. The average for the Portland Airport, from 1940 to 2019, is four. We have had at least four 80-degree days in Portland since 2012. We may be breaking the streak as we have a little over one week of May weather to enjoy.

2000-2022 May 80-degree bar graph

The warmest days this year, have been in the mid-70s. We have had a handful of 70-degree days this May, but we just haven’t had that extra boost just yet. An undulating jet stream has kept major ridges from forming in the Pacific Northwest (PNW). We have had many shortwaves passing through the PNW, leaving us with a jolt of rain and some colder air.

Warmest days of 2022 in Portland, Oregon

Check out the month of May in calendar form. We have had more days below average this month than above. The last two weekends have brought in 70-degree temperatures in the afternoon. Three of those four days ended up above average, with one hitting the normal (May 21). Even with a recent surge of some warmer air, the departure is in the blue, -2.7 degrees.

Temperature departure for the month of May as of 5.22.2022

What’s next? It sure seems like we are going to be hovering around average for the next three to four days. We are then looking at another trough near the end of the week, heading into Memorial Day weekend. This will cool us right back down into the 60s. As we look at the extended weather pattern, conditions continue to favor slightly cooler weather.

Of course, the extended forecast can have slight adjustments. You can find all your updates in the link connected below!

Longwave weather pattern graphic – KOIN 6 Weather