PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – When you think about October, you’re likely not thinking about 80-degree days. Well, Portland may be on track to either tie or top our 80-degree tally for the month of October.

Going back through the data, Portland has had multiple years where the temperatures have hit 80 degrees in October not once, but up to six times.

1952: 6 days
1980: 6 days
1991: 6 days

You can see the bar graph in the graphic below. Currently, we are at three days of 80 degrees or above in October. However, the forecast is calling for up to four more. That means we could finish the month of October with seven! Most years, we are lucky to even have one.

How about for the year? Portland has accumulated 73 days at 80 degrees or above. The normal for the year is typical 61 days, with a record of 90, which occurred in 2021.

Portland did not have one 80-degree day in May. It took some time for us to get that summer heat in June as well. We did have a large burst of days in July and August, with September and no October helping push the way into an above-average season.

Check out the forecast trend through the remainder of the week and into early next week. Expectations are to return to the 80s from Thursday through Sunday. We may even be on track for record temperatures late this week into the weekend.

The forecast high for Sunday is jumping back into the mid 80s, which only happens about one percent of the time.

What is the cause of this warm weather? We have been working with a massive ridge of high pressure. The type that would leave us very dry and warm during the summer, and is still doing the same thing here in early fall.

As the fall season approaches and the daylight retreats, our jet stream will be more active and the warmer days will fall south. In the meantime, we are cooking up here in the PNW for another week.