PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Record high temperatures will likely fall in the coming days as KOIN 6 Weather Alert Days remain in place for the triple-digit heat.

Not only will Portland see record-breaking temperatures that climb above 100 degrees, but dry and windy conditions will keep the wildfire threat high. Fire weather alerts go into place Saturday afternoon and last through Monday evening. Wind gusts could near 25-30 mph as winds begin to intensive out of the east Sunday.

Saturday’s highs will be mild compared to the over-100-degree heat expected next week. Temperatures Saturday afternoon will begin to warm into the mid to upper 80s. Even with these mild conditions, the threat of wildfires remains high.

KOIN 6 Meteorologist Josh Cozart shares Portland’s warming trend as the Rose City prepares for triple-digit heat

Now is the time time to prepare for the potentially dangerous heat next week. The mercury could climb to nearly 100 by Sunday afternoon and evening. It’s a good reminder to limit your time spent outdoors during the peak heat hours of the day. If prolonged amounts of time do have to be spent outdoors, make sure to stay hydrated, wear light-colored/loose-fitting clothing, and take breaks in the shade or indoors frequently.

Portland’s already seen it’s fair share of hot temperatures this summer season. An evening high temperature of 98 degrees is the warmest Portland’s seen so far this year. However, Portland has yet to hit 100 degrees so far this summer. That will likely change this week. It’s not to surprising to see the return of 100 degree temperatures because Portland’s seen a handful over the last several years.