PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The latest round of heat is expected to build over western Oregon and Washington as early as Friday.

Another round of record-breaking heat is possible by the week’s end in Portland as afternoon highs are expected to climb into the 90s.

These record-breaking numbers will pose the biggest threats to those living outside or without air conditioning units. Frequent breaks indoors should be utilized by those working outdoors Friday and into the weekend.

Mother’s Day plans may also need to be adjusted to escape the heat Sunday.

The threat of heat-related illnesses will climb as temperatures sit nearly 30 degrees above normal for the month of May.

Known the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Taking note of the symptoms could be life-saving.

Hot cars and pavement can be life-threatening to both humans and pets later this week. Car interior temperatures can become deadly within a matter of minutes with forecast highs putting Portland in the 90s.

Look before you lock! Humans and pets should never be left in hot cars.

Hot asphalt may also pose a threat to your four-legged friends. Outdoor walks on black-paved surfaces should be avoided during the heat peak hours of the day.

Portland is no stranger to record-breaking temperatures this spring. The latest heat record to be broken in the Rose City was just last month.

Record-breaking heat found its way back into Portland on Friday, April 28, 2023, when temperatures climbed into the upper 80s, smashing the old record of 82 degrees last set back in 1998.

Single-day records will likely be broken this week. However, the earliest 90-degree day found in Portland was April 30, 1998. The latest observed 90-degree temperature in Portland was September 13, 1957.