Post Fourth of July weather just as warm


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – If you were hoping for a backward summer, where temperatures decided to get cooler after July 4, you’re out of luck.

We have more summer heat, a good 5 to 10 degrees above average, for the next 5 days. Our morning will start with clouds along the Oregon coast, especially north of Lincoln City. Some of those clouds may find a way into the Portland area, but for the most part, folks will start with sunshine. The cloudcast weather model below is projecting some morning clouds through Vancouver and up into areas of Goble and points west. This will clear through the morning if we do achieve those clouds.

For the most part, areas like Seaside and Gearhart have been dealing with clouds through the holiday weekend. It won’t be much different today for those of you out there in Clatsop county.

What about your temperatures? The morning starts with lows in the 50s and 60s. Weather models are projecting temperatures near 80 for Hermiston and Pendleton around 8 a.m.. I would expect those temperatures to be cooler, but it will be a warm start to the day.

A northerly breeze around the valley will peak around 10 mph in the early hours. A stronger westerly wind coming out of the Gorge and will keep the warm air mixed through the Columbia Basin. Hit the arrow on the graphic to see the late afternoon and early evening temperatures.

Highs will push the upper 80s in Portland, with likely a few 90-degree readings to the south. Around Marion County and to the south for the locations that may break 90. Still hot and dry for all of you east of the Cascades. Don’t leave home without your water and sun protection today.

We are likely going on another stretch of days where we don’t see a high below 80 degrees. We were fortunate to find some cooler air to wrap up the month of June and to start July. That image below is still difficult to digest, as temperature actually hit 108, 112 and 116. Notice that our normal high for this time of July, is still not 80. After just about three days in a row in the mid to upper 80s, we have another one coming.

Before we wrap up this morning blog, we have to discuss the fire weather danger. We currently have a handful of large wildfires around the state. These are mainly prominent around Wasco county and other central Oregon counties. The wind will pick up at times out of the west or northwest, pushing around 25 mph to potentially 30 mph.

Through the day the sustained wind will likely be closer to 10 to 15 mph. If you cycle through the graphics, you can find the wind gust forecast for tomorrow night. The wind aloft is carrying smoke from the southwest to the northeast out of Oregon. It may clip a few of you, but the thickest smoke will pass through Malheur County and into Idaho.

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