PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — An onshore rush of wind keeps the weather going Thursday with cool showers passing across the area — meaning it won’t be a warm day with rain. It’s going to feel more like an early spring day with some not even breaking out of the 50s.

Portland will not be as windy Thursday, but there will be a few moments out of the day that may have a howl. It’s also worth grabbing a rain jacket, especially for the afternoon.

I would be most prepared for a passing shower or even a quick downpour in the early afternoon. This is when we will have the heat from the sun and the cold air aloft to destabilize the conditions. You can see just how scattered it will be in the slideshow below.

Showers will be moving from the north to the southeast by evening. Most should be dry west of I-5 by dinner time. There is a good chance we will avoid the rain in Portland by the evening too.

Temperatures will be cooler across the board Thursday. Most in the upper 50s to lower 60s. There is a chance that some areas in central Oregon even stay in the 40s!

There is a collective warmup by the weekend, so this cool weather will not stick around much longer. Have a great Thursday!