PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Summer is holding on strong! We have another week of above-average temperatures coming our direction, with peak heat is expected to push the triple-digits by Wednesday.

Because of those soaring temperatures, which can be dangerous, the National Weather Service (NWS) in Portland has issued a heat advisory for Wednesday afternoon and Thursday.

This advisory includes the Greater Portland Metro Area and communities down south to Marion County. If you’re over in McMinnville or out to the foothills of the Cascades, you will also be under this heat advisory come Wednesday afternoon. The image below is subject to change as we near Wednesday, but this is the expected boundary as of Monday. Go ahead and use the slider below to see the temperature trend for the next week.

Heat Advisory & Temperature Trend

You may be wondering if this summer has had a few more heat alerts after just coming off a heat advisory and excessive heat warning in late July and earlier in August. Compared to last summer, we have the same exact number of heat alerts. You can see a graphic below that goes back to 2012. The tally list is a combination of heat advisories and excessive heat warnings that were issued by the NWS. The heat advisory Wednesday and Thursday will be the fourth of the year.

Going back to 2012, most years average around two to four heat alerts in the Portland metro area. There are two exceptions, one being 2015 and the other 2017. The summer of 2015 was warm all three months, with heat alerts coming in June, July, and August. However, the month of July and August really brought the heat. 2015 also came in with a surplus of daytime highs that were greater than or equal to the average (~18.5 days). That is not a direct connection, but it is something to keep in mind (GFX below).

Meanwhile, 2017 had a max summer temperature of 105 and also had a fair share of warm streaks, leading to six heat alerts that summer.

Fast-forward to this year where we also have had heat alerts each month this summer. Our first heat advisory was put into place June 25 and expired June 28. Will this be our final heat alert of the summer?

Heat Alert Tally: 2012-2022

Well, we have had at least two heat alerts in the month of September as summer is winding down. The last time we had a heat alert in September was that the 2017 year. We had a stretch of five days in the 90s. The warmest day peaked at 98 degrees in Portland! We also had a brief heat advisory in September in 2013. We had back-to-back 90-degree days with the peak heat landing on September 11, coming in at 95 degrees.

Late Summer Heat Alerts – September 2017, 2013

I wouldn’t count it out just yet as we have half of the month left and it isn’t unheard of to see a heat alert come September.