PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — If you are wondering what that wet stuff is out there, it is rain.

For the first time in some three weeks, large portions of the Willamette Valley saw at least a sprinkle Friday morning, but the showers aren’t expected to stick around too long.

“A patch of rain has shifted across the region,” said KOIN 6 Meteorologist Kelley Bayern. “Most of it is concentrated in western Washington. But Portland is getting clipped by showers this morning and roadways are damp. Some areas may see numerous light showers at times. A light rain jacket may come in handy today.”

It has been an unusual stretch of 23 days since measurable rain fell in the region. That changed late Thursday and overnight into Friday morning, as a damp, cooler system set up across eastern Oregon, ushering in rainfall to the west sides of the state.

After a damp start, showers will become more scattered through Friday afternoon when temperatures are expected to hover in the mid-60s.

Then, the faucet shuts off again, and the dry, warm weather we’ve been dealing with since mid-May returns. Temperatures Saturday are expected to push back into the 70s with a brief hotter stretch in the mid to upper 80s early next week.

“A high-pressure pattern has been persistent since the end of April, changing our pattern from cool and wet to hot and dry,” Bayern said. “We’ll likely re-enter a summery pattern for the majority of next week with warm afternoons in the 80s at first, then the 70s for the majority of the week.”

Forecasters say we may not see rain for another seven to ten days.