Rainy days keep coming for the Pacific Northwest


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – The Pacific Ocean, our dear friend, is sending more rain our way.

We will look west this week to find more clouds and rain. The pair will dance through the region each day this week starting late tonight. The visible satellite loop below is painting an expansive mass of moisture moving in our direction. That is a horde of clouds and an army of raindrops moving in. This system is embedded into trough of unsettled cool air. If you’ve been trying to avoid the realization that winter is near (we understand), it may be time to embrace the change. It will be a close call for a nice sunset, as clouds thicken up rapidly late afternoon and into the evening. We should hold from the rain, but the beautiful blue sky will take a hit. You can see that the clouds are thick to the west of the Oregon coast. It is neat that we can see the white tops of the Cascades from space now (snow)!

Our recent weather pattern: one full week of clouds, one day of sunshine. We have then repeated this for about a month. There were moments where the clouds extended to double-digit days! There have only been a few small windows of sun since November started, with Monday being the captain of the sun team right now. The graphic below is the average sky cover for the day. It is possible that the percentage of the day that we did have a break from the clouds, came when it was dark out.

We have had over 5 inches of rain since October kicked into gear. The last 11 days, going back to October 28, brought in 1.98 inches of rain. That means we had an additional 3.13 inches of rain before October 28. I want to point that out because that tells the weather story and pattern that we’ve been working with since fall arrived. It has been wet and it has been cool. Even with all of that, we are only slightly above our average, coming in at 0.59 inches. That will help with the drought, but it won’t fix it completely. We need more rain, especially east of the mountains.

Forecast models are portraying more rain in the forecast this week. I’m sure you gathered that from the title of the article and the conversation so far. We won’t take it too far out, but by the time we get through the system that we are watching on satellite, we may have an additional half an inch to an inch of rain around the coast and valley. One weather model has the rain totals below that mark, but not that far behind. This system should bring in rain east of the Cascades too. The rain totals there will be limited, but helpful.

If you swipe through the graphics below, you can see the source of the moisture moving in today. The deeper moisture will remain south with this event. I am expecting the bulkier rain totals to be in the coast range and out near the central Oregon coast. Once that system passes by tonight, we will be in the waiting zone for the next plume. That link of moisture will come back through later in the week. Notice with the precipitable water graphic for Tuesday night that we have a ribbon of blue to the west that is extending out to the Pacific Northwest (PNW). That is going to be our next pop of rain.

We can piece all of that together and we are going to expect a wet week, with the potential for more wet weather coming by this time next week. Long-range weather models seem to keep the weather pattern in form for a continuation of rainy days next week. This makes those fall days with sunshine even more special.

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