PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Summer-like heat broke a nearly 10-year-old record in Portland as the first week of October comes to an end.

Temperatures quickly warmed into the 80s just after noon Saturday. That’s where the 2014 record of 83°F neared its end. The record was quickly smashed as the mercury climbed to 85°F later in the afternoon and early evening hours.

This record falls thanks to the high pressure system that helped push winds out of the east over the last several days. Those winds are usually drying and warming.

Temperatures in the 80s in October are few and far between. Portland typically only see about a 2.7% chance of hitting 80°F in the month of October. The average daytime high is in the mid-60s. So, Saturday’s high of 85°F is nearly 20°F above normal for the first week of the month.

Last year, Portland saw the most 80°F days ever with a whopping 12 days at or above 80. Portland’s already managed to see a total of three days climb into the 80s and it’s only the first week of October.

Another round of heat Sunday could make day four of the temperature climbing to these unusually warm conditions. Temperatures will fall to near-normal conditions by the start of next week with the latest cold front. Rain chances will also begin to increase.