Scattered rain showers finally in the forecast


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Check out the view coming from Lincoln City this morning below. That stubborn cloud deck from the persistent north wind has finally broken free and blue sky is a welcome sight for the Oregon coast after going four to five days under a deck of clouds.

If you cycle over to Seaside, you can see a similar scene. The catch? Well, there is a chance for some passing showers Tuesday and there may even be a thunderstorm or two coming for the northern Oregon coast on Wednesday. We will chat more about that below. I’ve also shared the view coming out of Ridgefield, Washington, where the clouds are passing by in a similar fashion as the coast today. We are all under the influence of the general weather pattern of a spring trough.

There is also some high pressure building in from the southwest, which is keeping the conditions slightly tame at the surface. The wind is going to be much stronger to the east where those lines are stacking up like pancakes. A gentle southwest wind coming through the valley and areas of the Oregon coast. We will go for a southwest wind around 5 to 10 mph here in Portland with similar wind speeds west of the Cascades today. The wind is running more out of the west or northwest for areas like Pendleton today. That will pushing the 15 mph range and the gusts through the nooks of the mountains will be noticeable for you folks to the east in the higher terrain.

Even though the wind isn’t going to be a large issue today in the valley, we do have a showers in the forecast. Back-to-back days where the possibility for rain passes through the valley. There have already been some moderate to heavy showers around Multnomah county and surrounding counties in the valley and across the state into Washington. This won’t slow down in the afternoon as the sunshine helps fuel some more showers today.

The short term forecast keeps the rain possibility of showers through early afternoon. The development of those showers are more likely to the north in areas of southwest Washington. There have already been a round or two of showers near Vancouver, with hope for more today. Why? We need as much rain as we can possibly get at this point of the spring. As long as we can stay away from the lightning and damaging hail, we will take the rain.

There was hope that the cold front last night would bring measurable rain for Portland, but another day where we barely had a trace of rain coming out of the official site. The rain total for the month of May is still at .07 inches which would be the driest on record. We need to get to work here.

Weather models are hopeful for measurable rain today by the time we wrap up the day. It seems like it’s more likely for those of you out along the norther coast or in Cowlitz county. I don’t expect rain totals to be that high, but a few showers can add up. Portland will again be lucky to see any measurable rain. These showers are just too scattered to make any promises.

Meteorologist Kelley Bayern and I talk about the weather pattern in the Your Weather Week podcast above. We chat about the cooler air that is moving in and the trough that is supporting showers and and even lowering snow levels. This cold air and lower snow levels are important right now. You can read more about the snowmelt in this article here. We have had warm conditions and little action for the mountains for the last 30 days. The snow has melted quick and with that the snow depth has dropped significantly. Check the snow level forecast for the week, which does keep that air cold enough to be support snow around 4,000 feet. There isn’t much moisture for snow, but the air will be colder, leading to less melting.

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