PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — It’s going to be 90 degrees again. Yes, this is June and in the big picture we’re just a few weeks from the start of summer.

Let’s get you ready for the morning temps. As of late, our mornings have been, shall we say, chilly? Wednesday morning’s temps will start in the low 60s. It will be bright and sunny and by all measures well above normal for a daytime low temperature.

The normal daytime high for Portland in early June is 72 degrees, normal low 56. So, expect another day that will be about 20-degrees above normal for the afternoon.

After Wednesday, Portland will have a total count of 7 days at or above 90. May, if you recall, was the warmest month on record, sporting 5 total days at or above 90. (Frankly, I think May was just showing off. Let’s hope that June underperforms in the temperature department.)

The wind on Wednesday will be coming from the south in the morning and then from the northwest in the afternoon, about 5 – 10 mph. Not terribly windy.

As far as fire danger goes, just look around. How’s your lawn doin’? Unless you’ve been going sprinkler style, it’s probably half brown, half green. Right now, there is no rain in the forecast. So do yourself and me a favor. Don’t set stuff on fire.