Set up extra fans, stock up on water – It’s getting hot


Details for Wednesday, July 28, 2021

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Now’s the time to set up those extra fans and stock up on water — we have some hot days a-coming.

We are entering a stretch of days that are going to put a little pressure on us with heat. After a few more clouds on Wednesday, the sun is going to also be out in full force, too. Now is also a good time to double check your friends and family, just to make sure they’re prepared for the heat that is coming to finish the week.

Wednesday we notice a jump in the temperatures, just a few degrees into the lower 90s. If we look at the weather pattern, we can see that that ridge is now slowly starting to develop and the high pressure is expanding to the northwest. It’s almost as if the jet stream is doing a shoulder shrug on the left side and we are in that shrug (whatever that means, but you get the idea).

Jump to the forecast below to get an idea of what that shrug actually is going to do to our temperatures today.


Temperatures hovering around the upper 50s to lower 60s for the morning hours. Now would be the ideal time to get outside and do your work. Water the garden early in the day, go for that morning run, take the dog to the park, whatever it may be, you should try to accomplish it before noon. Don’t forget to close the shades and do what you can to prevent the sun for shining inside and warming your place of residence.

The same song and dance for the Oregon coast on Wednesday, with more sunshine and a northerly breeze (picking up in the afternoon). Take the drive to the Oregon or Washington coast for a breath of cool fresh air. That pocket of heat in the morning holds firm for the Lower Columbia Basin. Temperatures starting in the mid to upper 60s, potentially even 70, for that area around Hermiston and up through Washington. You can see that pocket in the image below.

Cycle to the afternoon and the temperatures are roaring. Lower to mid 90s for the Willamette Valley, with potentially the mid-90s for the central or southern valley. A light northwest wind won’t help us out much, unless you’re in the shade or coming out of some water, then it may feel good.

Temperatures back to the triple-digits for communities like The Dalles and those around the I-84 corridor east of Hood River county. Wednesday afternoon will probably spend a few hours at 90 or above. The duration of heat is going to be longer than what we’ve had for most of July. If you’re moving around a lot outside or you have a job that is mostly outdoors, you’ll need the water and the sun protection.

I can say that wildfire smoke won’t be an issue around Portland on Wednesday. There are still plenty of locations that will be battling the wildfire smoke, but west of the Cascades will be limited. The farther you go south, the greater chance for wildfire smoke to move in. Smoke will be the greatest through the Harney Basin and up into areas of Baker County and through the Wallowa mountain range. Notice the surface smoke forecast for Wednesday evening. The Bootleg Fire will continue to be a consistent source for wildfire smoke around that part of the state.

Looking at the larger picture, we don’t have much luck coming in the next few days, warm air will stick around.

If you have any plans to travel, you’ll want to head to the coast of the Pacific Northwest (PNW), or you will have to fly all the way across the United States over to Portland, Maine, for some relief. It does look like the warmest air is center over regions of Colorado and the areas of the Great Plains. That part of the country will likely have heat advisories and summer alerts associated with warm temperatures the next few days. We are all in this together right now!

If we want any chance to cool back down, we need that system to the west to move in and the ridge to our east to flatten. There are some signs that it may actually happen in early August. We will be the first to shout it to the world if it does! Stay cool, stay hydrated.

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