PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Portland International Airport is seeing dozens of delayed and canceled flights as much of the country also feels the impact of the severe winter weather.

According to PDX, a majority of the flights impacted Thursday were those scheduled to arrive in Portland, but looking ahead to Friday, almost all departing flights out of PDX are already canceled with a handful of remaining flights all set to be delayed.

Hurrying home for the holidays and severe weather seems like the perfect recipe for a tricky travel day and many anxious travelers or their loved ones were quick to check the arrivals and departures board at PDX, only to see many say “CANCELED” in big, red letters.

By the end of the day Thursday at least a few dozen inbound flights were canceled and many others delayed, coming everywhere from Chicago to Los Angeles. PDX also saw at least nine canceled departing flights through the evening, with destinations including Phoenix, Denver, Oakland and even Iceland.

One man KOIN 6 spoke with says after he arrived, he found his wife’s flight from Dallas was delayed by three hours.

“I couldn’t get a text from her, the website was not available, so there was no way to find out when her 1:15 flight would actually arrive,” said Mark Kos, who was near the end of that three-hour wait. “By the grace of God, my wife will be here safely and we’ll have a good holiday.”

Airport officials advise anyone with questions about their flights to contact the airline directly and if your flight is already canceled, stay home and rebook over the phone or online. One traveler KOIN 6 caught up with did just that, but it made for a long travel day.

“First, it was delayed, and then I woke up this morning at 2:30 to know it had been canceled,” said traveler Edith Atanacio, who was preparing for an international flight to Mexico City, first heading to Atlanta. “Now, I’m waiting to check in for a flight at 11:10 p.m.”

As winter weather impacts a majority of these cancellations or delays, staffing is also still an issue.

“The reason it was canceled was because there wasn’t enough personnel for the flight,” said Atanacio. “Now, we’re hoping the weather will let us take off on time.”

Alaska Airlines even sent out its own alert about the freezing rain in the Pacific Northwest, which can be more challenging than snow as crews have to clear off all ice before the planes can take off. They’re urging anyone flying to sign up for flight notifications for any ongoing changes.

PDX officials tell KOIN 6 crews treated all runways and taxiways Wednesday night for slick weather and treated all other surfaces Thursday, but the freezing rain could mean upkeep, even as flight cancellations start to add up.