Short lived, swift: Early rain clears out quickly Wednesday


Details for Wednesday, September 8, 2021

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Short-lived and swift is the best way to describe the disturbance that moved through overnight.

It’s not out of the question that there may be some areas outside that feel a little damp Wednesday morning. You may have a couple drops in the bucket left outdoors overnight. For most locations, you won’t even recognize that there was a little rain around the area in the early hours of our Wednesday.

Well don’t worry, as you take off for the day, you won’t have to worry about any more rain. Although we need some rain around here, it’s going to be a dry Wednesday for most folks. If you look at the map below, the first image is of the leftover showers around the region while you’re stepping out.

You see those showers up north in eastern Washington and British Columbia? That is actually the system that moved through overnight and brought some rain around here. Talk about a hit and run weather system.

If you cycle to the second image, it is just about all dry! Wednesday evening actually has a couple showers trying to form around the Lower Columbia Basin region but I wouldn’t expect much to develop, as most of the trigger mechanisms for showers Wednesday is going to be pacified by evening.

We have an expansive area of high pressure and a broad trough controlling the weather pattern right now. Both shifting to the east Wednesday, which will change up the forecast for the Pacific Northwest (PNW).

We will invite more of a southwest flow, which should help transport the wildfire smoke out of here. This won’t quite alter the temperatures yet, with highs still in the mid 80s. We will eventually cool down to the 70s later in the week as the weather pattern continues to shift. If this ridge of high pressure didn’t transition to the east overnight, we would have never had a shot for any rain to move in.

That disturbance overnight traced the jet up to the northwest over the top of this ridge of high pressure. If we were in that broad area of low pressure, we would have cooler temperatures and more clouds around. That may arrive this weekend or early next week.

I mentioned the wind shift should help some locations with the wildfire smoke. It won’t be significant, but it should clear out a majority of the smoke that is closer to the surface.

Notice there is still plenty of wildfire smoke cycling around this ridge of high pressure Wednesday. It still appears that even in the morning hours we may even have a little bit of a haze as that system moves out. I wouldn’t count on it being as hazy as what we had taken in on Tuesday. Unfortunately, the forecast still calls for that smoke and haze for central and eastern Oregon on Wednesday. This has been a reoccurring storyline for communities like The Dalles or Madras.

We need one of those referenced broad areas of low pressure to move in to clean things out for everybody. Right now the wind isn’t doing much favors for the counties east of the Cascades.

Temperatures should start around the lower 60s. Expect our temps to be above average in the morning and afternoon. Even with a small amount of haze around, we should still see temperatures around 83-86 degrees. It cools a few degrees on Thursday, but the 70s are likely to come back to the September forecast by the weekend. The extended forecast keeps that true, with temperature potentially hovering in the lower 70s with lows in the 50 degree range. That would feel more like late September. We are on our way down now for both. We are no longer warming up as fall is around the corner. Those of you that are holding on to summer, you will want to use these 80 degree days wisely.

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