PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — An Alaskan storm will increase the chance of sneaker waves along beaches in Oregon and southern Washington between Monday and Tuesday afternoon, Portland’s National Weather Service office warns. 

“This means the water may move further up the beach than expected at times,” the NWS stated. “Stay back from the water’s edge and keep your eyes towards the ocean at all times.”

The storm is also forecast to produce 10 to 13-foot waves along the coast. The NWS has issued a beach hazard statement for northern and central Oregon and southwest Washington.

“Waves can run up significantly farther on a beach than normal, including over rocks and jetties,” the beach hazard statement reads. “These sneaker waves can suddenly knock people off of their feet and quickly pull them into the cold ocean waters, resulting in serious injury or death.”

Sneaker wave safety tips. (NWS)

Beachgoers are advised to keep children and pets away from the surf and avoid all jetties, rocks and logs near the shoreline. If someone is swept into the ocean by a sneaker wave, the NWS advises beachgoers not to attempt a rescue.

“Do not swim in after them,” the NWS said. “Call 911 and keep an eye on them until help arrives.”