PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The first snow of the 2022-23 season fell in the Portland metro Sunday, but all that beautiful snow can turn into dangerous road conditions like slush and ice.

I-84 saw multiple crashes in both directions, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office said. At Milepost 25, a semi-truck jackknifed around 7:30 p.m.

The road is snow covered and authorities urge drivers to avoid the area if possible.

In anticipation of this weather, crews with the Portland Bureau of Transportation placed almost 5000 gallons of de-icer on designated routes Saturday night.

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PBOT said Northwest Germantown Road from Skyline and Bridge was closed from the slick conditions for hours, but re-opened shortly before 8 p.m. The Oregon Zoo announced that ZooLights was closed Sunday night.

Though that is the first weather-releated road closure so far, PBOT said their crews have been actively monitoring forecasts and continue to prepare for the winter weather.

“We did, however, put down 4780 gallons of anti-icer last night. We had a great dry window in which to do that, and we anticipate that’s going to help keep those roads (especially the ones that higher elevation that might see a little bit of accumulation this afternoon and evening) from getting too slick out there,” said PBOT’s Hannah Schafer.

The resounding message being shared by agencies like the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Lake Oswego Police and Forest Grove Fire, is to take it slow and to plan ahead to make sure you get where you’re going safely.

In the coast range, WCSO shared that snow was piling up in the passes, along with a photo of a car that had flipped on its side.

A car on its side on Highway 6, Dec. 4 2022 (WCSO)

PBOT officials said they don’t anticipate large amounts of snow sticking to the roads, though they also said their crews will watch conditions and respond as needed to changing needs.

But PBOT crews can’t clear every street in Portland. They will plow priority routes first, including major corridors and those used most by transit and emergency services.

“Our crews are the first responders for our first responders and our goal is always to keep those roads clear,” Schafer said.

It’s also important for drivers to make sure their cars are ready for winter — chains or another traction device along with a winter weather kit. And give yourself and other drivers more space and time to check routes, potential closures and road conditions.

But the slicker roads means a higher risk of traffic accidents.

“Over the past couple of days, we’ve seen a little bit of an increase in accidents. (Saturday) morning, especially in the western end of our county where the elevation goes up a little bit, it was icier and we had more morning crashes than we might usually,” Washington County Sheriff’s Office Detective Mark Povolny told KOIN 6 News.

In this weather there are tips drivers can use to help increase safety and reaction times.

“If you can slow down and just be more aware of your surroundings and be paying as good attention to the road conditions as you can, that also would go along with giving a little bit more following distance for the vehicles around you,” Povolny said.

The Washington State Department of Transportation tweeted traction tires are advised for anyone traveling on SR-14.

At the same time, ODOT’s TripCheck tweeted a reminder that traction tires and chains are advised for travelers in the Cascade Locks/Hood River area.

“Take this as a great time to get ready. We are at the beginning of December. You know, winter always kind of looms there in the future and often all of us good procrastinators take our time getting ready ahead of winter weather,” Schafer said. “This is a good reminder that now is the time.”

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