PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – As the rain has let up following a storm in the Pacific Northwest, the potential for landslides remains present.

While the ground is saturated, Bill Burns, a geologist with the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries, warns there is potential for landslides for the rest of the week.

Geologists say they are specifically watching areas where wildfires have created burn scars, for example, where the Eagle Creek Fire burned in the Columbia River Gorge and where the fires in the Cascades burned in 2020.

Burns noted that slides can happen anywhere where there are slopes – adding that residents should check if they live in an area where slides have happened before because they’re more likely to happen there again.

“Being aware can really help,” Burns said. “It can take a while for these things to happen, we’re concerned for several days for a week after storms like this.”

The Portland Bureau of Transportation told KOIN 6 News they are also keeping an eye on the potential for landslides. While experts can tell where landslides are most likely to occur, Burns says it’s hard to predict the severity.

In addition to landslides, falling trees and power outages are another concern in the aftermath of the storm.

According to Portland General Electric, about 100,000 customers were without power on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the company says the number is down to 20,000 customers.